The Galleries are Up! Happy New Year!

I wasn’t sure if I would get to it or not, but it appears I was successful in putting up my galleries. Though there are still a few minor bugs to iron out around here, things are functional. You can access them via the “Galleries” link up top.

And just so I’m not only giving you boring text to read, by popular request (do three requests by one person count?), I’m posting an old pin-up I drew featuring Chesty Sanchez and Mister U.S.

I had a lot of fun with this! It started with a gag idea suggested by writer Nat Gertler, whom Chesty Sanchez creator Steve Ross had initially contacted to request a pin-up. For some reason, though I knew the book was only going to be printed in black and white, I always wanted to see this in color. Maybe one day I’ll do it, just for fun. This appeared in the 96 page “Chesty Sanchez Super Special” some years back, published by Antarctic Press.

Looking back over the comic, a Chesty Sanchez movie could be a lot of fun. The time is right, with all the other comic book movies out there. Steve? you should get right on that and make it happen! 😉

Chesty Sanchez is ™ and © Steve Ross, Mister U.S. is ™ and © Nat Gertler and Mark Lewis.

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