PC News, Part I

Often to start off a New Year, people will spend a little time looking back. I’m going to look way back to the mid-80’s for a few posts or so here. Hopefully it’ll be of interest.

At that point in time, I was working at LLNL, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, doing graphic design and illustration. Most of the graphics we did were technical type things, as you’d imagine. One of my more fun regular jobs though was to illustrate the covers of The PC News, an in-house newsletter/magazine.

Most of this stuff has never been seen outside the Lab. And it’s funny to look at some of the concepts these illustrations address now, some 25+ years (yikes!) removed. A lot of this stuff we take for granted now, the personal computer’s become so imbedded in our culture.

This first cover I’m posting was for an issue indexing some of the more important or “popular” stories that had appeared over the previous year. At this late date, I don’t recall why I drew a punk, or why they would even let me do that in the first place. One thing I do recall; they made me get rid of the ray gun for publication, replacing it with a lightpen. So this is the first time anyone (outside of the PC News editors) has seen this in its original form. The smaller drawing was just a spot illo for the inside front cover.

There will be more PC News flashbacks to come.

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