Nat Gertler to the Rescue!

This post will be a little outside my ordinary, but I think it’s warranted in order to give credit where credit’s due.

Since launching this site, I’d been telling people that it was 90-95% of the way there to what I wanted it to be. There were a few items where I just couldn’t quite figure out how to tweak them into what I needed. But as of late yesterday, that has finally changed!

This is courtesy of an old friend, writer and expert/dabbler in many things, Nat Gertler. I approached him to see if perhaps he might be able to tweak those interweb thingies that needed tweaking, and he agreed to give it a shot. And he did it brilliantly! It’s a huge relief to have my site finally working just the way I always wanted it to work. So, a very big “Thanks!” goes out to Nat.

So what’s with the bear? Well, I thought it would be boring to have a post with no images. These panels come from a story I drew featuring Nat’s Licensable Bear™. LB™ and Mister U.S. are probably the main things that Nat and I have had the pleasure of collaborating on. You can see samples of my Mister U.S. work on the site herehere and here.

Mister U.S. is ™ and © Nat Gertler and Mark Lewis, Licensable Bear™ is ™ and © Nat Gertler.

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  1. Nat Gertler says:

    You’re certainly welcome!

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