More Randomness

Like I said last time, I feel the need to occasionally post some things to at least remind people of the fact that storyboard revision is one of the jobs I do. Even if all I have to show for it are some random, scattered panels that I happened to have kept copies of.

Here’s another one from a Care Bears board. The overall story is forgotten now, but in this scene, Cheer Bear (in the foreground, speaking) was in an awkward situation where she felt she had to fib to Harmony Bear (in the background). I kind of liked the way Cheer’s facial expression worked out, which is why I hung onto a copy of this panel.

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2 Responses to More Randomness

  1. Brandon says:

    Holy crap! you did the story boarding for Carebears??…Awesome 😀

    • Mark says:

      Glad you like that. I was one of several who worked on “Care Bears.” The bulk of the real boarding was done by a number of other artists. My boarding contributions were limited to revisions: taking things out, moving panels around, and occasionally adding new panels (like the samples in this post and the previous one).

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