Five Color Comics

So my local comic shop, House of Secrets (Hi Paul, Erik and Amy!) also occasionally publishes special projects of their own, under the name Art of Fiction. One of them is a title they call Five Color Comics. The interesting thing about it is that they have each panel of the stories drawn by a different artist. Bit of an exercise in herding cats for them sometimes, I’m sure, but the results are interesting.

I contributed to volume one, and they recently published volume two. Which I was also invited to contribute to. You can see my panel contribution here, sans captions. No “Photoshoppery” going on; it was done the old-school way, directly on paper with pen, ink and colored pencils. In context with the other panels, it’s interesting to see how there still manages to be a certain overall cohesiveness to the story, despite the fact we all have such different styles.

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  1. Lyle Dodd says:

    Watch out! It looks like someone’s foot is gonna get shot off!

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