Missile Mouse

I mentioned earlier that from time to time, I intend to do posts of “inspirational stuff.” Basically, we’re talking comics I’ve come across that I think are really good, and kind of inspire you to draw. So here’s another.

If you’ve ever checked out the list of artists over in my sidebar, perhaps you’ve looked at the work of Jake Parker. He’s one of those artists that seem to straddle multiple media, including comics and animation. His stuff is very imaginative, appealing and a lot of fun to look at.

One of Jake’s creations, Missile Mouse, has now been featured in two books: The Star Crusher and Rescue on Tankium 3 (Actually, Missile Mouse has appeared in three books, if you want to count Flight Explorer Vol. 1) . You can buy them here. Missile Mouse is a tough little character who usually has to face down characters and situations that are much bigger than him, but he never backs down. He always does what he has to do.

In my opinion, one of the best aspects of these books is the way everything’s so clearly been thought out in great detail. Jake is a “world-builder.” He plainly puts a lot of thought into designing even the tiniest prop. In the back of Rescue on Tankium 3 is a section where among other things, he goes into great detail about all of Missile Mouse’s gear, how it’s assembled, what principles it works on. The level of back detail and thought put into these books makes for a fun and rich reading experience. They’re good all-ages reads, and worth checking out.

Since it’s my artblog, of course I’ve got to put up some art. So up top is my Missile Mouse fan art piece. As usual, my animation training seems to have compelled me to try to get as close to on-model as I can.  I did some experimenting with the color methods, because if I can’t do that here, where can I? It struck me that mostly we’ve seen Missile Mouse interacting with beings who are a good deal bigger than he is (playing the “David and Goliath” card very well), so I thought it might be fun to see him interact with something much smaller than himself.

Missile Mouse is ™ and © Jake Parker.

UPDATE: If you look in the Comments below, you’ll see that Jake has seen this post. He apparently liked my drawing well enough to post it on his own site here. I’m very flattered! Thanks, Jake!

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4 Responses to Missile Mouse

  1. Jake says:

    Wow! Thanks for the kind words and the great review. I think you pretty much nailed the design. Fine work indeed!

    • Mark says:

      Thanks much for stopping by, and for the compliments! I enjoy your work a whole lot, and hope you have more Missile Mouse planned for the future.

  2. Lyle Dodd says:

    I am thinking about picking up some Missile Mouse books now.

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