Hydee Hits the Funny Pages

I’ve just been given the go-ahead to finally spill the beans about a project I worked on earlier this year. It’s what I was talking about in this post. I got to help with the art for a short Hydee and the Hy Tops comic, which is to be produced as a giveaway. You get to see it all above, for the first time anywhere, probably.

Once again, I was given the opportunity to collaborate with the lovely and talented Jim Stenstrum (who is trying to get together a site of his own. When that happens, it will be in my blogroll). Jim pencilled these pages, while I did all the coloring and lettering. There were no pencils harmed in the making of this comic, as there was no inking in the usual sense. The art style has no containment lines; just flat areas of color, with occasional bits of colored linework only where needed. The look of the comic was based on what we’d done for the flash-animated Hydee feature, which I don’t think has been released just yet (Though you can see some of the work I did for that here in my Galleries).

I enjoyed working with the Hydee characters, both in the comic and on the feature. The scenario was kind of “Josie and the Pussycats by way of the Go-Gos, but if they were being formed now for the Disney Channel,” if that description makes any sense. And the client was a dream to work with (which, as anyone in animation can tell you, is not something you can expect to happen all that often). I wish all clients were that good to work with! If the opportunity presented itself to work with the property again, under the same kind of circumstances, I would not hesitate to do it. It was fun.

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