The Ultimate Comic Strip

I see this month’s zipping by, and as busy as I am, I’m just not at a point where I can post anything current and new yet. So instead of that, here’s something old that might be of interest.

This was done while I attended Art Center in Pasadena, back in the early ’90s. Some of the specifics are lost to time now, but I had an illustration class at the time, and for our final, we were to do a self-portrait. The parameters of the assignment and how you could interpret it were wide open.

I wasn’t sure what to do, how to approach it, and was wracking my brains. Until one of my friends in the class made the offhand comment, “Oh, you’ll just do yours as a comic, right?” It was one of those forehead-slapping moments. I was too close to it to see the solution myself, though it was the obvious way to go in the eyes of my friends in the class who knew my interest in comics.

And this was the result. Though I think I draw a bit better now (I did this twenty years ago now?! Yeesh!), I still kind of like this. I think most artists can relate, at some point or another. Anyway, enjoy! I hope to have some new current work to post next time.

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