Qui est Cette Fille?

BandetteI’m continuing with the theme from last time, talking about good comics I’ve read recently. The reason this post’s title is in French will become clear in a bit.

This time out, it’s Paul Tobin and Colleen Coover’s Bandette. From the moment I first saw art from this comic, I knew it would be right up my alley. But it’s only recently that I was able to buy a copy. This is because up until now, Bandette didn’t exist in physical form. It was part of the Monkeybrain line of digital comics.

Here’s where I might sound like a bit of an old fogey, but I haven’t quite been able to cross over yet to purchasing comics that exist solely in digital form. I’m not anti-digital media by any means! I love checking out my favorite web comics, and I love the fact that if I developed a sudden random craving to buy mariachi music at 2 am, I could purchase it instantly on iTunes. But even so, I can’t quite get past feeling a little odd over the fact there’s nothing physical to show for those purchases. Feels a bit like buying air, even though I know it’s not the case.

Anyhow, in this case, I knew that as soon as Bandette became available in physical form, I’d want to pick up a copy. And I was not disappointed! Bandette Volume One: Presto! is an absolute blast.

Her adventures take place in Paris (hence my post title). You might think from the visual that Bandette would be a superheroine, but no! Actually, she’s a thief! Albeit an incredibly gifted one, (with “Presto!”, as she’d say) who occasionally comes to the aid of Police Inspector Belgique.

Bandette is adorable, irrepressible, with je ne sais quoi and joie de vivre (and perhaps other French phrases that go beyond the extent of my limited recall of my high school and college French). You can’t help but like her! Some of it is due to the writing (Paul Tobin displays a talent for giving the dialogue a French-feeling rhythm without resorting to phonetic accents). A lot of it also comes from Colleen Coover’s art, which imbues Bandette with so much life and appeal, and spontaneity.

I’d think most readers junior high age and up (or older readers who are still somewhat young at heart) will love this book. My only regret is that there isn’t a Volume 2 ready to read right now! I’d definitely recommend checking Bandette out, if you get the chance.

Before I close, it seems appropriate (given my timing, and the topic) to wish all my site visitors a joyeux noel et bonne année!

Bandette is ™ and © Paul Tobin and Colleen Coover.

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    Mais oui!

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