She’s a Wow!

Wow Comics 12 ReworkedHere’s a recreation/reinterpretation of the cover of Wow Comics #12, featuring Mary Marvel. You can compare it with the original here.

Mary debuted in Captain Marvel Adventures #18, where Billy Batson discovered to his surprise that he had a twin sister, from whom he’d been separated at birth. It turned out that the magic word that turned Billy into Captain Marvel also worked to turn Mary Batson/Bromfield into the superpowered Mary Marvel.

Mary’s “visual father” was artist Marc Swayze. I was honored to be asked to do an FCA cover featuring Mary, as a tribute to Marc Swayze for what would’ve been his 100th birthday. It was posted here a while back.

Regular visitors to this site have heard me say before that when doing these recreations, I like to have some kind of fresh take or approach, so that I’m not just repeating exactly what was done before. So imagine this, if you can: some alternate world, where Fawcett didn’t cease publishing comics. Instead, they kept on producing new four-color adventures for Captain Marvel and the Marvel Family. Maybe at some point in the late ’50s or early ’60s, Fawcett licensed Mary to an animation studio for a series, and Wow Comics was relaunched in support. It was kind of what was playing in the back of my mind when I did this, at any rate.

I can almost hear the announcer’s voice: “Boys and Girls! It’s time now for the adventures of Mary Marvel! The Shazam girl!

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5 Responses to She’s a Wow!

  1. John G. Pierce says:

    Terrific work, Mark (as usual). Makes me want to see such an animated series, and read a revived WOW COMICS, and… Well, we can dream, can’t we? One of these times, I’d kind of like to see your take on a meeting of Mary with her opposite number, the black-costumed Mary Marvel. Or perhaps a Mary vs. Georgia Sivana cover. Or a team-up with Bulletgirl. I know that you don’t like to repeat your themes, but it might be worthy of consideration. I can never get enough of seeing Mary Marvel.

    • Mark says:

      Thanks, John! I’m glad you like this take on Mary.
      It’s funny, because I hadn’t really drawn Mary a whole lot until more recently. But the more I do it, the more fun I find she is to draw. I think maybe it’s something about the bright, upbeat, optimistic quality of the character. It’s safe to say this probably won’t be the last time she shows up on my site.

  2. John G. Pierce says:

    By all means, Mark, do more Mary Marvel !

  3. Steve B says:

    Very nice take on a classic cover!

    And I agree with John. More Mary ! 🙂

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