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I did an interview with the site Animation, which they just posted. You can check it out here, if you like. The site has interviews with a number of us who toil in the animation trenches, if you have any curiosity about what that’s like, what different kinds of things we all do, or how we got there. We’re a pretty varied bunch.

And, of course, I gotta post some art to go with this announcement. I had an idea of an image, and thought it might work to do it in Illustrator as an experiment. Guess the “no containment lines” look of the project I teased in my previous post was still in the back of my mind. And that’s all for this one, before I get accused of living up to this illustration!

Bloobee blee blah!

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7 Responses to Animation Insider

  1. Paul Lewis says:

    Great interview! You gave a nice peek inside the animation business. And with personality too.

  2. Lyle Dodd says:

    I’ll read the interview quick, but I have to post about that picture. I’ve experienced that … it makes me worry a little about how I sound when I get started on comics….blee bloh blee blah….

    • Lyle Dodd says:

      Great interview, I didn’t know about working in the storage facility. It sounds like an interesting experience.

      • Mark says:

        Yeah, you gotta start working somewhere! I understand why they set up shop in a place like that (low rent), and I’m sure it was fine working in there during more temperate times of year. But the problem was I was only available to work there during the extreme temperatures of Winter or Summer. Despite all that, it was a valuable experience, as I learned a lot about hand lettering.

  3. Scott Rice says:

    Nice interview, Mark. You know I’m in software, not animation, but I fully agree with your comments on politics, which I’ve found to be a distraction and an impediment to real progress in various projects I have been involved with. Up with decent people!

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