PC News, Part IV

And here’s yet anoth­er PC News cov­er flashback.

Once again, I’m not real­ly sure what’s going on here. Too much water under the bridge since then. There’s a tick­le of a thought in the back of my mind that this might be rel­a­tive to some pro­gram called “Jazz,” though I’m not sure.

What­ev­er it is, I kind of liked how the illus­tra­tion came out for its own sake. Jazz musi­cians with old school Mac­in­tosh­es for heads? Works for me!

I think there’ll be one more of these cov­er posts to come.

2 thoughts on “PC News, Part IV

  1. Liz Caires

    Hi Mark, I was look­ing at the San­ta Nita Rac­ing web­site and I seen a T‑shirt that was your art­work. I have won­dered and thought about you many times. No one that I know in Liv­er­more knew where you were. 

    I haven’t seen Paul in many years so haven’t been able to ask him. It was great to come across your web­site and I rec­og­nized your style of car­toon­ing. It looks like every­thing has gone well for you. 

    I am of course retired and trav­el­ing a lot. I’m in WA at the present time stay­ing with my old­est son Robert. I still have my home in Liv­er­more but stay most of the time in my oth­er home in Angels Camp. I bought this after I lost Robert in 1993.

    That’s it in a nut­shell, hope to hear from you. Your friend, Liz

    1. Mark Post author

      Wow! What a nice sur­prise! It’s great to hear from you after all this time! I’ve got more to say, but it’s prob­a­bly best we con­tin­ue this con­ver­sa­tion via email. Thanks so much for stop­ping by my site.


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