Heads Up!

Heads 1A sug­ges­tion was made to me recent­ly that it would be good if I were to do some kind of a post here that dis­played a num­ber of dif­fer­ent styles togeth­er, all at once. So this is what I came up with: a series of head shots, of dif­fer­ent types of char­ac­ters in dif­fer­ent styles.

It’s a pret­ty good exer­cise for an artist, I found. It makes you stretch a lit­tle bit, and it can be fun to see what you come up with. I think I may try this again at some point. Or maybe even a vari­a­tion on the theme: one char­ac­ter, dif­fer­ent styles. There’s a whole lot you can do with this idea.

6 thoughts on “Heads Up!

  1. John G. Pierce

    Nice­ly done, Mark. You will get good “marks” for these draw­ings, and you may even go to the “head” of class.

  2. Lyle Dodd

    Going way out on a limb.… This is what style each box reminds me of:

    First Row: Har­vey Pekar, Jaime Her­nan­dez, , Will Eisner
    Sec­ond Row: John Byrne, Jack Kir­by, Mike Allred , Bill Everett
    Third Row: Harold Gray, CC Beck, Iwao Takamo­to, Bruce Timm
    Fourth Row: Craig McCrack­en, Gen­ndy Tar­takovsky ‚Dan DiCar­lo, Tom Yohe

    I make no guar­entees about being right, in fact, I am prob­a­bly wrong. But it was fun to try this as much as it was to look at. It’s a very inter­est­ing post, Mark!

    1. Mark Post author

      Thanks, Lyle. Glad you liked this!

      The inter­pre­ta­tions are inter­est­ing. I did­n’t actu­al­ly approach this from the angle of try­ing to do spe­cif­ic indi­vid­ual artists’ styles. What I was going for was a lit­tle loos­er than that: a real­is­tic style, a semi-real­is­tic/­com­ic book style, etc. But I can see how some of those asso­ci­a­tions could be made. And I cer­tain­ly don’t mind being placed in such illus­tri­ous company! 🙂

  3. Lyle Dodd

    I guess it was the eas­i­est way for me to describe what I was look­ing at.….you belong in said com­pa­ny, as far as I am concerned!


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