New Genesis Is Calling

This is Day 22 of Howard Simp­son’s month-long Jack Kir­by Trib­ute, in hon­or of the King’s birth­day this month. It’s open to all cre­atives, and you can find their trib­utes on your favorite social media plat­forms by the hash­tag #Kir­b­yArt­Trib­ut­es.

Today’s prompt is Jack Kir­by’s New Gods. This was a key book in his Fourth World saga. Those who know their Kir­by know that one of the things that always fas­ci­nat­ed him and found its way into his work were myths and leg­ends (as seen in Thor for Mar­vel). The con­cep­tu­al seed of New Gods seemed to be “The old gods in the myths and leg­ends of the past are some­thing of a larg­er-than-life embod­i­ment of the qual­i­ties those peo­ple prized. What are the con­cepts we val­ue in our mod­ern world, and how would you embody those?”

Obvi­ous­ly this isn’t all of the New Gods char­ac­ters. It would’ve been impos­si­ble to do in this space. So I lim­it­ed this to those who appeared in the New Gods title, who I had­n’t already depict­ed (like Ori­on), and only those from New Gen­e­sis, not from Apokalips (like Dark­seid). That leaves (from left to right) Metron in his Mobius Chair, High­fa­ther, and Ligh­tray. At the bot­tom is young Esak. It was still a chal­lenge to try to fit all these char­ac­ters in!

I hope you like it, and please feel free to come back again tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “New Genesis Is Calling

  1. Joe musich

    Great question…“What are the con­cepts we val­ue in our mod­ern world, and how would you embody those?” With the gold­en calves and all sorts of Loki’s out there, com­mon­al­i­ty sort of gets over­whelmed. Speak­ing for myself, I still think it is not unusu­al for some­one to give a help­ing hand to some­one they do not even know. I see it hap­pen much more fre­quent­ly than some­one step­ping on that per­son­’s hand who needs help. I am more like­ly to run into a High­fa­ther than a Dark­seid. But both exist. I remain hope­ful. Again you have cre­at­ed anoth­er nice piece. Thanks.


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