Of Mad Scientists and Big Red Cheeses

FCA Colón/RubinsteinLooks like I missed posting last month, due to still being pretty busy. Again, that’s a good thing! However, now that it’s a new month, I’ve got clearance to reveal in full one of the three items I teased back in February. This is a cover for another issue of FCA, appearing in the upcoming July issue of Roy Thomas’ Alter Ego magazine (actually on stands in June, so you don’t have to wait that long!).

Right up front, I need to make it clear that I did not pencil or ink this cover. It was drawn by Ernie Colón, and inked by Joe Rubinstein. If you’re familiar with those gentlemen and their work, that may sound like an unusual pairing to you at first. I know it did to me, but I’m told that they are collaborating quite a bit in recent times. (And if you’re not familiar with them, let your fingers get to googling!)

So why did I post this on my site if I didn’t draw it? It’s because I colored it. FCA Editor P.C. Hamerlinck contacted me to ask if I’d be willing to, and I said “yes.” Something about the way this was put together reminded me a bit of those classic old illustrated magazine covers (for example, The Saturday Evening Post). So I tried to give the colors on this a little more of a painterly feel than I’ve attempted before, though that might not be entirely visible at this resolution. I hope Mr. Colón and Mr. Rubinstein feel I did justice to their work.

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2 Responses to Of Mad Scientists and Big Red Cheeses

  1. John G. Pierce says:

    Mark, I certainly feel that you did justice to their work. I would like to write a story based around this scene!

    • Mark says:

      John; thanks! I thought Mr. Colón and Mr. Rubinstein had a nice little scenario going here too, with some fun, distinctive touches of their own (like Sivana’s argyle socks).

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