Jeff Bonivert’s Atomic Man

Atomic-Man“And now, for something completely different!”

I’m digging deep for this one. The ’80s saw a lot of interesting, fun, odd, independent comics. Jeff Bonivert’s Atomic Man Comics was one of them.

I don’t remember just how I first encountered Jeff Bonivert’s work, but it most definitely caught my eye. It’s unique for the abstract geometric and graphic way he approaches his drawings. I pick up a bit of an art deco or streamlined feel to it in places. There’s no mistaking his work for anyone else’s.

I believe that like me, Jeff is from the Bay Area. There was a time in the ’80s when we even worked at the same place, but unfortunately I never got to meet him and talk comics (it was a pretty big place).

I somehow managed to get all three issues of Jeff’s Atomic Man Comics back when they came out, and there’s a definite sense of fun to the proceedings. Atomic Man is really kind of a classic-style comics hero. He has super-strength and invulnerability, but doesn’t appear to have any other superpowers beyond that. Jeff added some fresh ideas to the mix, in that Atomic Man is happily married, with two kids, living in San Francisco. Being from the Bay Area, that last part sort of mattered to me, because it seems like the traditional default for most superheroes has been to base them in NYC (or some fictitious NYC surrogate).

For my Atomic Man salute, I thought a stylistic experiment using Adobe Illustrator might be a good way of attempting something that could evoke the look of Jeff Bonivert’s work.

Atomic Man is ™ and © 2014 Jeff Bonivert.

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8 Responses to Jeff Bonivert’s Atomic Man

  1. John G. Pierce says:

    Somewhere along the line I might have heard of this feature, but I’m not sure. Looks interesting, in any event, though I have somewhat of a dislike for heads which are way out of proportion to bodies, even in cartoon art.

    • Mark says:

      Jeff has done a number of other cool things too. In my collection, I have an issue of Michael Gilbert’s Doc Stearn…Mr. Monster where Jeff did the cover as well as interior segments depicting Mr. Monster trapped in “Dimension X.” There’s also the Fun Boys Spring Special published by Tundra, containing the adventures of a trio of young comics fans set in the early/mid ’60s. A good time to be a comics fan, I’m thinking you’ll agree!

  2. Thanks Mark for your kind words, and AWESOME Atomic Man!…Very cool.

    • Mark says:


      Wow! It’s great to finally meet you, albeit via the internet. Thanks much for stopping by! I’m hugely flattered that you enjoyed my take on your Atomic Man. I’d love to see more of him again (whatever did happen to Zak and Rudolff, after they were abducted by Gizmo?). Or any other new comics you might have up your sleeve, for that matter!

      • Atomic Man was cancelled while I was pencilling issue four. So there are the first few pages still in pencil that no one has ever seen. There was a conclusion to the first story arc, we just never got that far. You can find me on Facebook where I post current sketches and completed stuff, and have a few albums of story ideas I have been trying to sell for a while, ETC.

        • Mark says:

          Sounds very cool. I’m actually not on the Book of Faces myself, but it’s great to hear you’re still at it! I did enjoy seeing some of your new(er) stuff over in the webcomics section of Flying Colors Comics’ website. I’m sure you’ll agree that in many ways, today’s a very different comics market now from what it was back when you originally did Atomic Man Comics.

  3. It is a different market place for comics. Better I think. But i always find myself unable to follow the trends or standing outside the status quo. Having said that…I do have a new short story out last week. Find it here!

    • Mark says:

      Cool! Thanks for the tip. I’ll have to try to lay hands on a copy. Hopefully other visitors here will also check it out.

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