Is There an Echo in Here?

Just mov­ing in to the new place here, fig­ur­ing out where to put stuff. Hope­ful­ly, it won’t take me too long. Bear with me while I try to get this sort­ed out.

Why the image? Well, it’s just a cou­ple days after Hal­loween, and I think this would look too bor­ing with­out a lit­tle visu­al inter­est. Plus it gives me an oppor­tu­ni­ty to try to learn how to work all the var­i­ous han­dles, noz­zles and gear shifts around here.

6 thoughts on “Is There an Echo in Here?

    1. Mark Post author

      Hey, Bud! Thanks for stop­ping by. I think I might have a cou­ple pages of pen­cils for Zhan­ti­ka that will be part of one of my port­fo­lios, once I fig­ure out how to get the gal­leries going. It would be cool to see that sto­ry reprint­ed in col­or some­where someday.

    1. Mark Post author

      There will be lots of that stuff to see, once I have time to fig­ure out how to get the gal­leries installed. It’s a major rea­son why I’m doing this site in the first place. In the mean­time, you might like to check out my lat­est post (11÷22÷10).

  1. Julio Adulto

    The fol­low­ing com­ments are from your “Numero Uno” fan boy in Norcal.
    (For you folks in Rio Linda,“Numero Uno” trans­lates to Num­ber One)

    … I am wait­ing for some (nev­er seen before) pre-pro­duc­tion sketch­es for the: Ado­les­cent Radioac­tive Black Belt Ham­sters, The Lost Trea­sures issue.
    … and a boot­leg tape of The Con­tact live in con­cert would also be cool for us “old­er” groupie — road­ie hang­er on types.

    …oh and don’t for­get to dig deep into the old ” ar give us fans a look at the con­cep­tu­al draw­ing and doo­dles for” Bugboy. 

    … how’s about some “behind the scene’s” sto­ries of ” The Mak­ing of ”
    The Real Adven­tures of Jon­ny Quest.” 

    … and can we get some can­did pho­to’s of you wear­ing your well worn: “Jack Kir­by” hat?

    … what ever hap­pened to : Fun­shine, Grumpy and Oop­sy Bear. I miss those guys.

    … I thought you were going to pub­lish: The Mark Lewis Post-It Note Art Book.I would pay “good mon­ey” for some­thing like that. (Is there such a thing as “bad money” ?)

    … I thought there was a new: Mass Mail­ing Law ini­ti­at­ed by Oba­ma. Bet­ter watch out, the Mass Mail­ing (The Spam Police) Peo­ple might come look­ing for you.

    … I thought Pony Fic­tion was being optioned by Spiel­berg, with Lucas direct­ing the first of many: Pony Fic­tion The Movie.

    … well to make a long sto­ry, not so long, I got­ta go. I’m very busy at this time of the year. Every­body is renew­ing their year­ly mem­ber­ship in the : Mark Lewis Bug­boy Fan Club. It’s a thank­less job but some­bod­ies got­ta do it.

    1. Mark Post author

      Julio”: Thanks much for stop­ping by! Next time I see you, you’ll have to show me again how to make “Bananas Fos­ter in a Skillet.”


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