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Like I said last time, I feel the need to occa­sion­al­ly post some things to at least remind peo­ple of the fact that sto­ry­board revi­sion is one of the jobs I do. Even if all I have to show for it are some ran­dom, scat­tered pan­els that I hap­pened to have kept copies of.

Here’s anoth­er one from a Care Bears board. The over­all sto­ry is for­got­ten now, but in this scene, Cheer Bear (in the fore­ground, speak­ing) was in an awk­ward sit­u­a­tion where she felt she had to fib to Har­mo­ny Bear (in the back­ground). I kind of liked the way Cheer’s facial expres­sion worked out, which is why I hung onto a copy of this panel.

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    1. Mark Post author

      Glad you like that. I was one of sev­er­al who worked on “Care Bears.” The bulk of the real board­ing was done by a num­ber of oth­er artists. My board­ing con­tri­bu­tions were lim­it­ed to revi­sions: tak­ing things out, mov­ing pan­els around, and occa­sion­al­ly adding new pan­els (like the sam­ples in this post and the pre­vi­ous one).


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