All It Takes Is a Little Will Power

Bet­ter late than never!”

—said no pro­duc­tion per­son ever in the his­to­ry of animation.

This is one of those weird ideas that popped into my head, and I felt com­pelled to get it out of there and onto paper, then final­ly into dig­i­tal form. It came to mind just before St. Patrick­’s Day, but cir­cum­stances pre­vent­ed my being able to act on it until now.

Most vis­i­tors here will know DC Comics’ Sil­ver Age ver­sion of Green Lantern. And pret­ty much every­one knows Lucky, the Lep­rechaun spokesper­son for Lucky Charms cere­al. The idea of a mashup of the two char­ac­ters just struck me as some­thing that need­ed doing. And now, I final­ly did it!

Hap­py Belat­ed St. Patrick­’s Day!

2 thoughts on “All It Takes Is a Little Will Power

  1. Dan Riba

    Bril­liant!!! I would eat that cereal…no mat­ter if it tast­ed like kale and avocados…or maybe Brus­sel sprout fla­vor. I won­der what the char­ac­ter’s name is? Great job!

    1. Mark Post author

      Thanks, Dan! Glad you like it.
      I kind of imag­ine the green comes from food col­or­ing, and would turn the milk (and your tongue) green.
      Maybe Lucky in this con­text would be kind of a 5th dimen­sion­al imp, like Mr. Mxyzptlk or Bat­mite. Those guys fol­low Super­man and Bat­man, so he’d be fol­low­ing Hal Jor­dan around.


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