Guarding the Legion

It’s now Day 4 of Howard Simp­son’s month-long cel­e­bra­tion of Jack Kir­by! Open to all cre­atives, you can find the work on all social media plat­forms hash­tagged #Kir­b­yArt­Trib­ut­es.

Today’s prompt is the Guardian and the News­boy Legion! They’re anoth­er Simon and Kir­by cre­ation which clicked with fans, run­ning from their debut in Star-Span­gled Comics #7, all the way through issue #64.

The News­boys were a group of orphans who lived in Sui­cide Slum. Offi­cer Jim Harp­er became their legal guardian. Frus­trat­ed with red tape, Harp­er also adopt­ed the iden­ti­ty of the Guardian to fight crime off-duty in more direct ways than he could while on-duty. You can’t see much of it here, but the Guardian had a shield shaped like a badge, which he made very effec­tive use of.

Clock­wise from the Guardian cen­tered at the top are Big Words (in the glass­es), Scrap­per (in the cap), Gab­by, and Tom­my Tompkins.

Hope you enjoy, and maybe we’ll see you again here tomorrow!

3 thoughts on “Guarding the Legion

  1. joe musich

    One of the first GA comics I picked up as a kid. The kid team was very appeal­ing in that I could relate to being includ­ed. And yet I knew I was nev­er as bold as the indi­v­di­al team mem­bers. This kid team group was exact­ly that. They were not sups. I would love to have the entire series. As well as the Boy Commandos.
    Thanks Mark. Your inter­pre­ta­tion is terrific.

    1. Mark Post author

      Thanks, Joe! Glad you liked it. I think the first time I encoun­tered Guardian and the News­boy Legion would’ve had to be when they expand­ed the page count of Jim­my Olsen dur­ing Kir­by’s run, and they filled the extra pages with reprints of those stories.

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