A Random Storyboard Panel

It’s occurred to me that I have absolutely nothing on my site to represent the fact that one of the jobs I do is storyboard revision. Mainly it’s because it’s a difficult thing to show in a portfolio. At the request of the director, you’re drawing random scattered panels here and there throughout another artist’s finished board. If even that; sometimes you might just be redrawing a portion of a panel or figure. Random panels out of context don’t really show much in the way of narrative skills, which is what boarding is all about.

Nonetheless, it seems to me I should still have some things up here to represent that side of what I do. And occasionally in doing that job, I’ll generate a random, scattered panel that I especially like for some reason, and have hung onto a copy of it. So I figure maybe I should post some of those here from time to time. Why not? It lets people know that it’s part of what I do.

So here’s “random, scattered panel” #1: from Care Bears, it’s their arch-enemy Grizzle. I enjoyed doing a panel with a little attitude, and it’s not often that there’s a call to do lighting effects on a board. Dramatic up-lighting is fun!

There will be more random board panel posts in the future, from time to time.

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