Obey the Bear!

Okay, I probably need to explain about this one. To do that, I need to get into a little of the “behind the scenes” workings of WordPress.

A few months back, I decided it would be a good thing to have some kind of a hit counter for my site, running in the background. The beauty of WordPress is that there’s likely a Plugin you can install for just about any purpose. I wanted a Plugin that would give me an idea of how many hits my site was getting, where people were coming from, what they were looking at, etc. It’s been fascinating to watch this info accumulate as time goes by. In some cases, it’s been surprising to see what posts and images get more hits than others. And one thing that’s turned up is that the Care Bears images on my site have been pretty popular.

So, I’m no dummy; it made sense to perhaps generate one more. I revisited a Post-it drawing I did as a goof back when I was working on “Care Bears,” polishing it up in Adobe Illustrator. Some of you will recognize this as a play on Shepard Fairey’s OBEY Giant image, featuring the late wrestler André the Giant done up propaganda poster style. Perhaps it’s a bit of an oblique gag to play off that iconic imagery with a Care Bear, but have you ever had one of those visual ideas that get stuck in your head and won’t go away unless you get them out on paper? You other artists out there know what I’m talking about.

So here you are, for whatever it’s worth. And for those who wonder which Bear this is, I figure it’s probably Grumpy. Because he’s cool like that.

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2 Responses to Obey the Bear!

  1. Brandon says:

    love it 😀

    • Mark says:

      Glad you like it. I didn’t know if anyone would like this idea or not, but my hit counter says a fairly good number of people out there must be!

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