“…Suddenly a White Rabbit…”

Marvel Team-Up #131 ReworkedYou’re seeing a reinterpretation here of the cover to Marvel Team-Up #131. I must confess that I know absolutely nothing about the White Rabbit, or how much of a connection she has to the character that appeared in the Lewis Carroll book Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. I don’t have a clue about Frog-Man either. I’ve never read this comic.

So why did I do this cover? Simple: when I saw the original, I thought there was something fun here that could be reinterpreted. If you look around my site, you’ll see that I do things like this on occasion. I even got to do it once for the late, lamented Covered Blog before they called it a day. Though they’re no longer doing cover reinterpretations there, I think the idea is still worth pursuing from time to time here.

While more or less straight recreations can be fun too, taking an original cover and trying to find a fresh angle or spin to put on it can be even more fun. In this case, I thought rendering it in a different style to make the humorous intent of the story more obvious would be a fun thing to do. And it seemed appropriate to use the Marvel Pop Art Productions corner box with it.

For once, that’s pretty much all there is to say for this one!

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6 Responses to “…Suddenly a White Rabbit…”

  1. John G. Pierce says:

    Great job, Mark. We need more comics “not for the overly serious.”

  2. Lyle Dodd says:

    Goofy! Goofy! I checked out the original cover and I actually think your cover does a better job of capturing the tone of the caption, “Not for the overly serious.”

    • Mark says:

      Glad you like it. Something about that original cover grabbed me. I felt there was something going on in the underlying concept that I could have some fun with.

  3. Don Manuel says:

    Cool cover, Guy! I never heard of WR, and thought maybe this was a character YOU made up..! Nice solid ink lines on this…Keep at it!

    • Mark says:

      Thanks for stopping by, and for your comments, Don!
      Like you, White Rabbit for me was one of those back-backbench Marvel characters that I had no awareness of. But the original cover called out to me, for some reason.

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