…Suddenly a White Rabbit…”

Marvel Team-Up #131 ReworkedYou’re see­ing a rein­ter­pre­ta­tion here of the cover to Mar­vel Team-Up #131. I must con­fess that I know absolutely noth­ing about the White Rab­bit, or how much of a con­nec­tion she has to the char­ac­ter that appeared in the Lewis Car­roll book Alice’s Adven­tures in Won­der­land. I don’t have a clue about Frog-Man either. I’ve never read this comic.

So why did I do this cover? Sim­ple: when I saw the orig­i­nal, I thought there was some­thing fun here that could be rein­ter­preted. If you look around my site, you’ll see that I do things like this on occa­sion. I even got to do it once for the late, lamented Cov­ered Blog before they called it a day. Though they’re no longer doing cover rein­ter­pre­ta­tions there, I think the idea is still worth pur­su­ing from time to time here.

While more or less straight recre­ations can be fun too, tak­ing an orig­i­nal cover and try­ing to find a fresh angle or spin to put on it can be even more fun. In this case, I thought ren­der­ing it in a dif­fer­ent style to make the humor­ous intent of the story more obvi­ous would be a fun thing to do. And it seemed appro­pri­ate to use the Mar­vel Pop Art Pro­duc­tions cor­ner box with it.

For once, that’s pretty much all there is to say for this one!

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6 Responses to …Suddenly a White Rabbit…”

  1. John G. Pierce says:

    Great job, Mark. We need more comics “not for the overly serious.”

  2. Lyle Dodd says:

    Goofy! Goofy! I checked out the orig­i­nal cover and I actu­ally think your cover does a bet­ter job of cap­tur­ing the tone of the cap­tion, “Not for the overly serious.”

    • Mark says:

      Glad you like it. Some­thing about that orig­i­nal cover grabbed me. I felt there was some­thing going on in the under­ly­ing con­cept that I could have some fun with.

  3. Don Manuel says:

    Cool cover, Guy! I never heard of WR, and thought maybe this was a char­ac­ter YOU made up..! Nice solid ink lines on this…Keep at it!

    • Mark says:

      Thanks for stop­ping by, and for your com­ments, Don!
      Like you, White Rab­bit for me was one of those back-backbench Mar­vel char­ac­ters that I had no aware­ness of. But the orig­i­nal cover called out to me, for some reason.

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