A Whole Buncha Stars Here,…You Bet!

I’ve men­tioned before how some­times ideas for art kind of come at me from ran­dom direc­tions, and cer­tain ideas will stick in my head until I do some­thing about them. This is one of those.

Most fans of comics and comics his­to­ry will rec­og­nize the sig­nif­i­cance of All Star Comics. Espe­cial­ly issue #3: it was the first appear­ance of the Jus­tice Soci­ety of Amer­i­ca! The cov­er for #3 is well-known, as it’s been re-cre­at­ed and repur­posed by a num­ber of oth­er artists over the years. I even did it myself once some years back for an FCA cov­er (Faw­cett Col­lec­tors of Amer­i­ca), replac­ing the DC heroes with Fawcett’s.

Less famil­iar are the issues pri­or to #3. I guess once DC had pub­lished Archive Edi­tions con­tain­ing every issue from All Star #3 for­ward, it was decid­ed that they prob­a­bly should com­plete the set and put out an Archive col­lect­ing the first two issues, before the title became about the Jus­tice Soci­ety. Hence vol­ume #0.

On a recent reread of that vol­ume, I was struck by the cov­er of All Star #1. The pub­lished cov­er seemed an after­thought: using exist­ing art pho­to­stat­ted from pre­vi­ous sto­ries and past­ed up, the char­ac­ters look­ing tiny and con­strict­ed in the lay­out. Maybe the issue was run­ning close to the dead­line when they real­ized they still need­ed a cov­er. I start­ed to think, “What might it have looked like if they’d had more time to put it together?”

And as men­tioned up top, the idea stuck, and the only way to get it out of my head was to actu­al­ly do it! So here’s my take on it.

Hope you enjoy it!

2 thoughts on “A Whole Buncha Stars Here,…You Bet!

  1. joe musich

    Well said, Mark. I turned to AS#1 and the cov­er was exact­ly as you describe: tiny images. What you have done is vast­ly improve the lay­out size, but keep the idea of snap­shots in the cov­er lay­out. I like the look of the Gary Con­cord cos­tume. Col­ors are great. I re-read the sto­ry and would like to see that smoothed out also. I cer­tain­ly like the premise tho. The Spec­tre con­tin­ues to be an all time favorite. Yours is a great take in the hint­ing of the super­sized Spec­tre cov­ers. Thanks much.

    1. Mark Post author

      Glad you liked this, Joe.
      There’s some­thing very “Doc Sav­age” about how Gary Con­cord would get into fights, and his cos­tume would get shred­ded (at least in some of the sam­ples I’ve seen). So I thought it would be fun to go with that idea. And the Spec­tre was cer­tain­ly one of the more unique Gold­en Age heroes (I can’t remem­ber where, but I think years ago some­one wrote an essay refer­ring to the Spec­tre and Dr. Fate as “the Wild Ones.” Def­i­nite­ly appro­pri­ate). Unfor­tu­nate­ly, as time passed, they kind of tamed the Spec­tre down, intro­duc­ing the com­ic relief char­ac­ter “Per­ci­val Popp, the Super Cop.” Dr. Fate got a sim­i­lar tam­ing down.


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