PC News, Part V

This is probably the last of my PC News posts. Time to move out of the 80’s!

The first cover here was for an issue announcing that PC News was going the Desktop Publishing route. Things weren’t entirely digital yet in those days; for example, we still had to paste up all the type the Mac was going to be bursting through here. Photoshop didn’t yet exist, so we did the magazine using Aldus Pagemaker, Adobe Illustrator, MacDraw and MacDraft! Any non-digitally-created art like this still had to be photostatted, then run through a smelly device called a waxer (I don’t know if those things even exist anymore), so it could then be burnished by hand down onto the page.

The second cover was for a featured article in a followup edition, “The Pinnacles and Pitfalls of Desktop Publishing.” Because of course, since it was still early days with these machines, there were problems you’d encounter. I remember getting that screen with the bomb logo a number of times! It was fun to come up with all the lurking bugs here for this illustration.

And that’s it for now, from the Lab in 1985!

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2 Responses to PC News, Part V

  1. Lyle Dodd says:

    Melissa and I think the little Mac Computer guy is “cute”. Melissa’s exact words.

    Did you get the gallery plug in up yet? Where do I click?

    • Mark says:

      Yup! The Galleries have been up since just before New Year’s. If you look up top in the black bar at the bottom of my header, you’ll see a link for the Galleries. It’s not direct at the moment (one of the things I need help to fix), but it will help you get there. In the meantime, you can also get there this way.

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