Art Vs. Artist!

So there’s this thing, and I guess all the cool kids are doing it over on the Twit­ters and the Insta­grams. It’s called “Art Vs. Artist.” You put some of your work togeth­er in this for­mat, along with a pic­ture of your­self in the cen­ter. It seemed like some­thing that might be sor­ta fun to take a crack at, so here we go!

To be hon­est, I’m not entire­ly sure what all the rules are (if there are any), so I’m prob­a­bly break­ing some of them. I did get the idea that this was sup­posed to cen­ter around faces, so there’s at least that. Some of these sam­ples are more recent and oth­ers slight­ly old­er. At the moment, I feel like this works pret­ty well. If I were to attempt this again tomor­row, it’s pos­si­ble I could pick a few oth­er images.

I feel like I might be break­ing one of the rules with my pho­to in the cen­ter. It’s (obvi­ous­ly) not a cur­rent self­ie. Not by a long shot! That’s a 12 year-old me, on my birth­day. If you could see more of the pic­ture, you’d see I was attempt­ing to paint a pic­ture (using oils) of the USS Enter­prise fir­ing on a Klin­gon ship. Why that pho­to? I fig­ure: don’t we all start some­place like that as artists? Every­thing else flows from that.

2 thoughts on “Art Vs. Artist!

  1. John G. Pierce

    Nice­ly done, Mark. Is the fel­low in the red t‑shirt sup­posed to be Qual­i­ty’s Cap­tain Tri­umph or MLJ’s Steel Ster­ling? And where did the yel­low-and-blue Bat­man appear? Just curi­ous. Any­way, please do this again, with dif­fer­ent images!

    1. Mark Post author

      Thanks, John! The guy in the mid­dle row on the right who you’re try­ing to iden­ti­fy is an old Nedor comics char­ac­ter, Doc (as opposed to “Doc­tor”) Strange. Awhile back, I had done a cov­er as if his adven­tures (and Nedor as a comics com­pa­ny) had con­tin­ued on into the ’60s. You can find that here: Doc (“Don’t Call Me ‘Doc­tor!’”) Strange. In the low­er right cor­ner, that’s actu­al­ly not the Bat­man you know, but a char­ac­ter called the Gold­en Bat­man who kind of fas­ci­nat­ed me when I found out about him, and I got inspired to do a draw­ing. You can find that post on my site here: “I’m Not Bat­man!”.


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