“Sorry,…What Was Your Name Again?”

Hm. Where to begin to explain this one?

This originally started out intended to be just a sketch, done for John Pierce. But as these things sometimes happen with me, it sort of took on a whole life of its own. John is a friend, an email correspondent, a longtime comics fan and writer. You may have seen his work in some magazines about comics like Roy Thomas’ Alter Ego/FCA (the Fawcett Collectors of America).

Anyway, John has a character he created called Jonni Star. Her stories have appeared in a few small press comics here and there, usually illustrated by Brazilian artist Emir Ribeiro. (I even took a crack at drawing Jonni myself once, and you can see the result here in my Gallery). John had an idea for a comic book character that Johnna (Jonni’s civilian identity) liked to read about, called Maracana, the Invincible Eagle. Which I guess makes Maracana a comic within a comic.

Most comics fans will likely be able to sort out for themselves which character archetype Maracana’s descended from. But John has some interesting twists in there too, like having her rooted in a more Celtic-influenced culture instead of the Greco-Roman type one might tend to usually expect with a character like this. Like I say, this started out intended to be just a sketch, but I guess I got carried away and couldn’t help myself. I thought the end result was fun. Seemed like I might just as well go ahead and post it here, while I’m at it.

Maracana the Invincible Eagle is ™ and © John Pierce.

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4 Responses to “Sorry,…What Was Your Name Again?”

  1. Lyle Dodd says:

    This is gorgeous! I like the simplicity of it and this is one comics story I would love to read.

  2. John G. Pierce says:

    A story is being prepared for Maracana. I’ve also spent some time working out her island’s language, and that’s been a lot of fun to do. Mark’s help has been invaluable in launching this character into her own feature. What started out as a mere pastiche has grown into something more than I ever envisioned when I dreamed up the concept. Incidentally, her heroic name, the Invincible Eagle, is based on the title of a lesser-known march by John Philip Sousa.

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