Hey, Mister!

Longtime visitors to this blog might know that I was a regular contributor to Big Bang Comics back in the day. I had lots of fun being a part of that! On his blog over on the Big Bang Comics site, Big Bang co-founder Gary Carlson has been writing an article about each issue that came out, in publication order. He just made it up to #8, which ended up featuring a character named Mister U.S. (co-created by writer Nat Gertler and I). You can read all about it here.

Just so there’s something to look at here, I’ve put up a color guide I did for one of the variant covers. Back in those days, I wasn’t using Photoshop yet, so this was all done using markers and watercolors, then marking up the page with the CMYK color formulae I wanted for each color. Aside from that, between Gary and Nat, they’ve covered the rest of the story pretty well, and I don’t want to spoil anything here. But it’s worth checking out, if you’re curious about the “secret origin” of this issue and how it came to be.


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